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Cease Wyss Lead Cultural Guide

Cease Wyss

Ancestral name-T’uy’tanat – [pronounced- tuuys-ta-not]

I am Skwxwu7mesh/Sto:Lo/Hawaiian/Swiss, and i come from the village of Sla7an.  I grew up playing in the land and waters surrounding the summer and winter villages of the Skwxwu7mesh and the Tseil-Watuth, as our communities are side by side and we share many common sites throughout our shared territories.

I am an outdoors person.  I love all weather and all seasons.  Working at Takaya Tours gives me the opportunity to be where I want to be, most of the time.  I have learned a great deal about the water, and how amazing kayaking really is.  I have been into canoe culture for years, so kayaking seemed like the best nest step.  I would paddle all year round if i could.  The forest is my temple, and I am out in the forest daily sharing knowledge and stories from ancient times, with amazing people from many places.